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Holy Roses Flowers and Gifts, is a family business that will provide floral and gift products and services to Irondale and Mountain Brook, Alabama, and the surrounding area. Holy Roses Flowers and Gifts, will offer a variety of fresh floral arrangements, artificial flowers, greenery, distinctive flower vases/containers, potted plants, unique gifts, delivery, and electronic/digital ordering. 


Holy Roses Flowers and Gifts, is a family business owned by Jerry and Christina Hensel, who have owned and managed two businesses, one in Florida (Do-Rite Hauling and Maintenance) for over 3 years and one in Alabama (St. Joseph’s Property Management) for 3 years prior to the COVID pandemic.  Jerry is a professional retired Florida firefighter (28 years) and has worked in a variety of positions at Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN), the largest global religious media network in the world, for 26 years in Irondale, Alabama.  His work experience includes buying/developing/managing numerous real estate properties, remodeling several buildings and property maintenance.  Christina has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Florida Tech.  She also has many years of volunteer work with purchasing and arranging flowers and plants at St. Barnabas Catholic Church, where she chaired the Flower Guild from 2015 until 2022. She also volunteered with the floral committee for Magnificat Ministry of Birmingham since 2018 and became the Chair in 2019 (until present).  Christina enrolled in an online course through IAP Career College to be a certified florist (even though it is not required in Alabama).  Her passion for bringing beauty and joy to others and her dream of owning and managing a flower and gift shop is one reason for starting this retail business.


Jerry and Christina will work full time at the flower and gift shop. The Hensels have three adult daughters, Mary Helen, Kateri, and Madeleine, who have years of experience working in the retail industry.  Madeleine currently works in a gift shop. These daughters have also helped Christina with floral arrangements at St. Barnabas Catholic Church and Magnificat. The three daughters and one of their sons, Patrick, will be working part-time in the business.  Christopher, their oldest son with autism, has his own interests as an artist, but offers his prayer support for the success of the business. Holy Roses Flowers and Gifts, is committed to quality and service.  The company’s 100% satisfaction guarantee is a personal commitment to creating long term relationships with its customers.  The Hensel Family thanks you  for your support and prayers for their endeavors!  God Bless.

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